The DeStress Difference: Six things to know

Nutritional technology raises the bar for animal performance, stress protection

Cattle, swine and equine industries are set to benefit from new advances in nutritional technology that are opening new frontiers for improved
animal welfare and performance.

Leading the charge are the latest advanced formulations of the pioneering DeStress product line from DeStress Nutritonal Technology, which is available via Country Junction Feeds.

"DeStress products are unique feed supplements developed by Canadian researchers," says Dave Gibson, sales representative with Country Junction Feeds. "It has many advantages and the bottom line is it's good for the animals and good for the people and operations handling the animals. It is a feed additive based on all natural ingredients. It contains a blend of nutritional components designed to protect the animals from the negative effects of stress and to uphold optimum nutrition to support productivity and performance benefits."

1. Replenishng key nutrients

DeStress works in a similar way to nutritional supplements used by elite athletes, he says, with versions including DeStress-Ruminants, DeStress-Swine and DeStress-Equine that are designed to meet species-specific requirements.

The science foundation underlying DeStress is based on many years of pioneering research led by long-time veteran animal scientist Dr. Al Schaefer, based in Lacombe, Alta., Canada. “Sports teams for many years have realized the importance of sophisticated nutritional strategies to support optimal well being and performance,” says Schaefer. “This is an area where have yet to take full advantage with food animals and performance animals. But the same principals and advantages apply. There is a lot of welfare benefit to be gained by the animals. There are also substantial economic benefits.”

2. Calming effect

DeStress supports improved welfare for the animals by supporting positive physiological responses – including an overall “calming” effect – and helping protect them from the damaging effects of stress experienced in a variety of situations, such as transport, handling and regrouping.

3. Protecting value

With animals raised for food production, this also results in a number of economic and quality benefits. Value is better protected for both the producer and the packer, and the consumer benefits from a better product.

4. New breakthrough research

Studies with both cattle and swine show substantial benefits in live weight retention, carcass weight retention, improved grade index and reduced animal aggression using DeStress.

With performance animals such as horses, results show benefits such as more efficient energy expenditure and improved maintenance of top-level conditioning.

5. Science: "Game changer" leading the charge

"The more we learn from the science, the more value we are seeing from this unique product," says Gibson.

A top example is a new study just published showing that DeStress is a "game changer" for equine stress reduction. Results of The Pretransport Management of Stress in Performance Horses study is now available in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.

The product line utilizes sophisticated blends of energy sources, electrolytes and bypass amino acids, designed to maintain and replenish critical nutritional needs in the face of stress, while also triggering additional positive physiological responses such as serotonin release.

6. Perfect options for today's challenges

“Nutritional technology to mitigate stress is a perfect option to meet today’s challenges,” says Schafer. “There is more pressure than ever to do things that support improved animal welfare. There is also growing incentive to shift toward bio-based or natural options for optimizing animal performance.

“Today with advances in the science, the right nutritional technology approach can help substantially in both areas at once. It helps animals enjoy a better state of welfare. It supports productivity and profitability with food animals. It supports optimum results with performance animals.”

Learn more about the DeStress product line on the DeStress Nutritonal Technology website.

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