Five things to know about DeStress for cattle

It’s no secret that animal care and welfare is one of the most important issues for all livestock sectors, including the beef industry.

It’s top of mind for customers and consumers — critical to market acceptance and preferred supplier status. And every year there is more science showing just how important it is to productivity and delivery of a quality product.

DeStress Nutritional Technology is a potential game changer for helping beef operations get the best of both worlds — protecting against the negative impacts of stress in order to boost both animal care / welfare and production benefits that support higher profitability.

Here are five things to know:

1. Game changing approach

DeStress is a unique option that represents a brand new approach — as a nutritional therapy supplement — to protect beef cattle from the damaging effects of stress.

2. Protecting performance and profits

This includes protecting against costly stress experienced during handling, including key situations such as transport, regrouping and weaning.

3. Broad benefits for beef cattle

Studies with ruminants show substantial advantages with DeStress, related to reduced stress. This includes protection against performance and productivity reductions, as well as improved live weight retention, grading and carcass yield. DeStress also reduces the incidences of dark cutter.

4. Leading-edge technology

Nutritional therapy is an emerging area of innovation in animal agriculture. It involves the application of leading-edge nutrition science to promote health, welfare and peak productivity with the animals.

DeStress is a pioneer and leader in bringing the benefits of nutritional therapy to animal agriculture and performance animal industries, including the beef industry in the U.S., Canada and beyond, through innovative animal feed products using the DeStress Nutritional Technology platform.

5. The science of success

The main product for beef cattle, DeStress-Ruminants, includes components custom tailored for beef animals including energy sources, electrolytes and bypass amino acids.

The formulation is designed to support, maintain and replenish critical nutritional needs in the face of stress, while also triggering additional positive and “calming” physiological responses.

DeStress is a “triple win” technology — producing benefits for producers/industry, animals and consumers. It supports higher profitability for livestock operations and packers. It supports enhanced animal welfare. It supports higher quality products.

It also fits well with the expectations of today’s marketplace for animal-friendly, environmentally friendly, bio-based solutions supporting sustainable production.

The core science underlying DeStress products includes numerous scientific journal publications and broad research trials. Ongoing trials are continually adding to the body of science identifying and quantifying substantial DeStress benefits. Learn more at

Posted on November 8, 2016 by Brad Brinkworth


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