Four big benefits of nutritional therapy for the beef industry

Among the lastest trends in beef production, more players in the beef industry are taking a closer look at the adoption of nutritional therapy.

Here are four big reasons why:

1. Reducing stress

A major focus is protecting animals from the damaging effects of stress experienced in a variety of situations, such as transport, handling, regrouping and weaning. A top nutritional therapy product such as DeStress - Ruminants guards against costly stress loss and supports healthy, well cared for, high performing animals.

“We have learned from many years of research and trials that nutrtitional therapy with the right formulation is an excellent option to protect against stress loss,” says researcher and nutritional therapy expert Dr. Al Schaefer. “DeStress-Ruminants benefits the animals, supports optimal performance and is designed for simple and effective use. It is drug free and based solely on natural nutritional ingredients. It is also highly palatable and easily fed.”

2. Retain more carcass, quality and dollars

One of strongest benefits of nutritonal therapy is reduction of shrinkage often experienced during transport and handling. By protecting the animals from stress and shoring up critical nutritional factors depleted during these times, the result is a major gain in retained carcass weight. Nutritinal therapy also protects against meat quality losses associated with stress.

Both of these advantages ensure more dollars retained across the beef industry value chain.

“The science is quite clear that the transport and handling to which animals are exposed is a major stressor and indeed predisposes them to degraded meat quality and yield,” says Schaefer. "Nutritional therapy can effectively mitigate the risk of those losses keeping more dollars in the pockets of producers and others across the beef industry."

3. Improve animal welfare

The major animal welfare benefits delivered via nutrtional therapy not only results in more comfortable, healthier, high-performing animals, they address a very important aspet of beef production that is increasingly under scrutiny by customers and consumers.

"Stress-loss is a common and not often very well identified or addressed issue," says Schaefer. "It's a top priority for continual improvement for the beef industry as the focus continues to intensify on animal welfare. "Nutiritional therapy benefits the animals and helps the industry meet rising animal welafare expectations. It protects value for both the producer and the packer. It also results in a better product for the consumer."

4. Stay ahead of the curve

Beef operations and others across the sector can get -- and stay -- ahead of the curve on beef nutrition innovation by adopting nutritional therapy.

"As the shift to natural options and welfare friendly approaches continues into 2017 and beyond, there will be advantages for early adopters" says Schaefer. "With advances in the science driving product improvements, the economics are very favorable for the adoption of effective nutritional therapy approaches."

Posted on May 29, 2017 by Brad Brinkworth


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