Nutritional therapy opens new frontier to protect livestock from stress

Fresh options backed by new science are emerging to help animal agriculture industries protect livestock from the harmful effects of stress, while boosting profitability at the same time.

A leading example is the increasing adoption of "nutritional therapy" as a stress mitigation approach, using the pioneering Canadian-made product DeStress, developed by DeStress Nutritional Technology.

DeStress is a feed additive formulated with nutritional components that mitigate the damaging effects of stress that livestock typically experience during handling, transportation and regrouping. Studies show significant improvements in live weight retention, carcass weight retention, improved grade index and reduced animal aggression using DeStress.

"Stress-loss is a common and not often very well identified or addressed issue," says Dr. Al Schaefer, representing DeStress Nutritional Technology. "It is an issue becoming more important today from an animal welfare perspective. It is also very important to the profitability of livestock operations, as it represents an often hidden cost resulting in reduced meat yield and quality."

DeStress is a solution that helps address each of these concerns, says Schaefer. "It benefits the animals. It protects value for both the producer and the packer. It also results in a better product for the consumer."

DeStress is designed to check off all the benefits and ease-of-use requirements that a producer or packer would want from this type of product, says Schaefer. It ushers in nutritional therapy as a fresh approach for stress mitigation in livestock that helps customers lock-in the full value potential of the animal.

DeStress products contains a blend of electrolytes, bypass amino acids and specific blood sugars, in simple-to-incorporate, species-specific sustom formulations that are designed to be highly palatable and easily fed.

DeStress is available in a dry crumble and tank mixable form, allowing for flexibility when feeding. DeStress Swine is fed according to production stage directions, with custom approaches for finishers, weaners and breeding stock. DeStress Ruminants provides strong benefits at key stages to maintain optimal condition of livestock.

In swine, the latest studies with DeStress show market weight pigs treated with the product have a significant increase in live weight retention, resulting in a corresponding improved retention in hot and cold carcass weight. This translates to nearly 60 percent reduction in typical stress loss. Results also show a 45 percent reduction in aggressive acts among treated pigs.

In cattle, benefits of DeStress include reduced shrink, increased carcass grade and yield, reduction in dark cutters and improved daily gain after weaning. Packer trials evaluating post- transport treatment have show 10 percent or more improvement in quality grade with DeStress.

"It's a simple equation," says Schaefer. "Less stress equals happier, healthier and more productive animals, equals higher profitability."

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Posted on August 10, 2016 by Brad Brinkworth


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