Buzzworthy: How DeStress adds value

Three examples from Dr. Al Schaefer, livestock researcher and pioneer in nutritional therapy science.

Protecting value

“The science shows that DeStress benefits the animals, protects value for both the producer and the packer, and results in a better product. We know more than ever about the stress related to transport and handling and about the impacts this can have on the well-being of the animals and on related economic factors. DeStress provides a new tool to optimize our management.”

Shoring up defence at key times

“DeStress nutritional therapy protects value for producers by providing a stress-management tool for weaned and transported livestock. Research has demonstrated that treated livestock lose less weight, have an improved immune function, and demonstrate an improved weight gain in the early stages postweaning.”

Ensuring strong ROI

“DeStress nutritional therapy protects value for the packer by reducing the incidence of quality grade aberrations such as dark cutting beef. Value is passed on to producers through fewer discounts.”

Posted on April 20, 2017 by Brad Brinkworth


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