Rising demand for DeStress fuels team expansion

As a new year emerges with fresh opportunities for innovation in farming and ranching, a growing demand for new ‘welfare friendly’ feed additives is fueling a team expansion for rising feed company Country Junction Feeds, which is broadening its market presence in Canada and the U.S.

Livestock industry veteran Ernie Kimak joins Country Junction Feeds to help lead the market expansion of DeStress, a pioneering nutritional therapy additive. Nutritional therapy involves the application of nutrition science to promote health, welfare and peak performance with the animals. A major focus with DeStress, manufactured by DeStress Nutritional Technology, is to protect animals from the damaging effects of stress experienced in a variety of situations, such as transport, handling, regrouping, parturition, weaning and performance.

“There’s an old saying in farming and ranching that if we take good care of the animals they will take good care of us,” says Kimak. “The nutritional therapy approach led by innovations such as DeStress fits that thinking perfectly. Plus, from my own past experience feeding cattle, I have used this product and I have seen the very substantial benefits of DeStress firsthand – I believe strongly in the product and would like to see many other producers benefit. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the DeStress team and I look forward to working with producers and industry in this new role.”

Kimak has extensive experience honed over three decades working directly with industry and the farm gate across animal species, with particularly strong experience in the beef industry. He has long served as a champion of innovation particularly concerning developments that support the bottom line of producers while also improving the overall sustainability of industry sectors.

“Ernie has an excellent reputation and network in the industry, both in Canada and the U.S., and brings a lot of knowledge and experience to strengthen our DeStress team,” says Darrell Kimmel, Manager of Country Junction Feeds. “Expanding our resources to support the increasing demand and opportunity for DeStress has become a top priority, as the shift to natural options and welfare friendly approaches continues into 2017 and beyond. With advances in the science driving product improvements, the economics are very favorable for the adoption of effective nutritional therapy approaches.”

DeStress is backed by a substantial and growing body of data and peer-reviewed science, including key foundational studies led by veteran agriculture research scientist Dr. Al Schaefer, based in Lacombe, Alta., Canada. Schaefer was among the first wave of researchers internationally to explore stress impacts in livestock as well as stress mitigating nutritional approaches.

DeStress Nutritional Technology has increased production dramatically over the past year and is planning further increases during 2017, for each of its species specific product lines, including DeStress-Ruminants (for beef and dairy), DeStress-Swine and DeStress-Equine.

Studies with both cattle and swine show substantial benefits in live weight retention, carcass weight retention, improved grade index and reduced animal aggression using DeStress. Also, reduction in dark cutters and other stress-related product deficiencies.

More information on Country Junction Feeds and its comprehensive offering of products and services is available at www.countryjunctionfeeds.com. More information on DeStress Nutritional Technology is available at www.destress-nutrition.com.

Posted on December 23, 2016 by Brad Brinkworth


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