The power of NOW: Supporting Canada's beef industry

It’s a powerful concept to recognize that often the greatest change required to meet a challenge is a shift in mindset. And with that shift, to take swift action to seize the opportunity. Case in point is the fresh new era emerging for Canada’s beef industry — reflected in the excitement and activity building around the first-ever Canadian Beef Industry Conference. DeStress Nutritonal Technology is a proud sponsor of this event.

The concept for the conference emerged around the discussions for the new National Beef Strategy. “We realized that one of the things we need on an annual basis is a holistic conference that brings together all the links in our value chain,” says beef producer Rob Smith, Canadian Angus Association Chief Executive Officer and a co-chair of the conference. “This is needed to communicate and promote the strategy but also in a much broader sense it is important to support the interaction across different sectors and parts of the country.”

The sheer geographic and multi-faceted nature of the industry is often viewed an an obstacle to national events, let alone consensus building efforts, particularly for ones that target strong grass roots participation from all types and components of production and the value chain. But the groups involved in championing the new strategy decided to take the leap, building on the renewed energy and positive, forward-thiking attitude taking shape.

“The Canadian beef industry is among the most dynamic and diverse of its kind in the world,” says Smith. “This poses challenges. But it’s also a major strength. That’s how we need to view it.”

No matter where each person fits in the industry, and no matter how diverse the perspectives on different issues, there is so much shared in common interests to move the industry forward, he says. Sometimes what’s needed is just the collective will to say, ‘Yes, we can meet this challenge. Yes, we are going to do this.’

“Everyone from industry leaders to individual producers has an important role to play, to strengthen our industry and drive it forward. That’s what this conference is all about.”

Posted on July 27, 2016 by Brad Brinkworth


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