Winning the battle with stress loss

New trials underway in Alberta are adding to an expanding body of data showing the strong benefits of nutritional therapy to reduce stress loss in beef cattle.

DeStress is a feed supplement product based on the emerging concept of nutritional therapy for livestock, which involves the application of nutrition science to promote health, welfare and peak performance with the animals.

A major focus of the product is protecting animals from the damaging effects of stress experienced in a variety of situations, such as transport, handling, regrouping, parturition, weaning and performance.

Nutrition components custom tailored in the bio-based formulations include energy sources, electrolytes and bypass amino acids. Formulations are designed to support, maintain and replenish critical nutritional needs in the face of stress, while also triggering additional positive and “calming” physiological responses. This guards against costly and often hidden "stress loss" and supports healthy, well-cared-for, high-performing animals.

Studies with cattlw show substnatial benefits in live weight retention, carcass weight retention and improved grade index, along with strong reductions in dark cutters and other stress-related product deficiencies

As a bio-based product, DeStress also fits well with today's demands of livestock industries. It benefits production while also benefitting the animals through enhanced nutrition and welfare. It also fits well with antibiotic-free production systems.

With the evolution of livestock transport rules and regulations, and related scrutiny, DeStress also offers a valuable tool to help ensure customers and consumers that animals are well supported to meet the rigors of transport

For beef cattle, DeStress has shown exceptional trial results to date -- for example, improving shrinkage rates representing 15 to 30 pounds on a 1,500 market weight animal.

Further new trial data is anticipated over the coming weeks, including results from trials evaluating effects on cattle shipped from southern Alberta to Washington state.

Posted on May 23, 2017 by Brad Brinkworth


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