Into the new future of sustainable beef - June 21, 2019

How nutritional therapy can play an important role What is the future of sustainable beef? A number of critical factors are shaping the next generation . . . including a rising focus on the in…
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Newly unveiled science touts DeStress advantages for horses - March 18, 2019

New equine results add to the already strong foundation of science backing the dramatic advantages of this innovative product line As feed and nutrition innovation continues to advance at a…
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Reduce stress, boost profits with dynamic DeStress - November 7, 2018

Want to reduce shrink and increase carcass weight in your beef cattle? Planning ahead and taking advantage of nutritional therapy products can save big dollars. Canadian beef producers now hav…
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The DeStress Difference: Six things to know - September 20, 2018

Nutritional technology raises the bar for animal performance, stress protection
Cattle, swine and equine industries are set to benefit from new advances in nutritional technology that ar…
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Top beef nutritionists tout benefits of DeStress - February 13, 2018

Country Junction Feeds recently teamed up with industry partners to provide more information on the latest advances in beef cattle nutrition, through sessions designed specifically for beef pr…
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Smart solution: Make more profits by stopping stress loss - September 14, 2017

Stress loss is one of the top "hidden costs" that can can dramaically cut into the profitability of a beef operation. But advances in nutritional therapy -- through innovative products such as…
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Nutritional therapy catching on for top equine performance - July 31, 2017

For most horses, summer marks the time of year that tends to be the most physically and mentally demanding. Whether it be travelling between rodeos and horseshows, working longer days on the f…
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Nutritional therapy tackles livestock transport - June 30, 2017

As new regulations and controversies swirl around the issue of long-distance livestock transport, nutritional therapy is emerging as a top solution to protect animal welfare as well as the ima…
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Future of feed: Q&A: DeStress leads charge for nutritional therapy - June 19, 2017

DeStress is a featured product as part of a new ‘REP5’ (Ruminant Enhancement Program 5) initiative available to dairy and beef operations in the U.S. and Canada. The program is de…
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Four big benefits of nutritional therapy for the beef industry - May 29, 2017

Among the lastest trends in beef production, more players in the beef industry are taking a closer look at the adoption of nutritional therapy. Here are four big reasons why: 1. Reducing stre…
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